Dying Inside

Ive been pretending…

The laugh… The smile… The giggly I have is fake

The truth is Im crushed, numb, bummed and hurt

Ive tried to be tough and strong

Now, I am tired of trying

I aint that strong and tough

What left of me is falling…

I dunno when Ill get better… Probably… Never…

He left the scars which will never fade

All I got here is hate him…

Hate how he broke this heart.

Hate how he treated me I was the one

Hate how he cared for me

Last… I fucking HATE that I still love him with the all little pieces.

I know, Im so damn fucking fool… why I should love him still if he doesnt care for me.

I can hide this feeling from my girls

but i cant hide and and lie what i feel inside

I dunno what to do

Im soo dying

Ps: Girls, Sorry…. I aint strong enough for this one

July 07


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