G0n3 {[*46*]} Days

It’s the hardest thing in my life. I never thought it would happen to me before. I mean… I’ve ever had heart broken before but it is really different for this time. I’ve told myself that I would be ok, fine and it was just matter of time. I’ve tried to be strong and tough and kept remembering my girls saying *be strong girl, you can get through it all* the matter of fact, it’s not as easy as I think. I’m tired of trying and I’m not strong enough to get through it all. Crushed, Bummed, numb and hurt {Again}… that’s what I feel inside plus it really hurts when I breathe like getting hit by 2 big stones.


*♥*what hurts the most???* ♥*

♥ I didn’t want to let him go but I had to let him go because of the circumstances.

♥ He broke this heart and I still love him with all little pieces.

♥ watch the one I love, he loves someone else.

♥ He’s not mine but he’s hers.

♥ Pretend that I’m ok but the fact I’m not ok, strong and tough.

♥ Try to Smile and Laugh but inside I’m dying.


But i cant be like this for the rest of my life, i have to survive and get back on track no matter what. That’s why I have to do something like being gone {[*46*]} Days which means i have to get a grip in my life again, finds my own way, look for what i need and get back to be a better girl. Im going to stop doing the activities like checking Facebook. because FB started it all . hope it works for me when i get back on….. (you know when im back on) and i got my girls to make it, they always stand by me when i fall. Start from now…. I try to be stong and tough again…. >.<

Ps: on July 7th – August 22nd



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