*May 30th*

its been a year ive been trough the hardest thing in my life
May 30th…
the date i lost someone that i did love
the date when my heart shattered
the date when the lights went off
the date when happyness turned into the sadness
the date when my life was up-side-down
the date when he was not mine
the date when i let him go….

I was so weak
I was so hurt
I was so dying…
I was so desperate of trying

Its been a year being strong….
passing the pain inside
crawling like a baby to walk again in the right path

May 30th 2010…
its the end of everything
the pain is gone
the weakness turns into the happiness

Im free
Like a bird which is ready to fly high and touch the sky

Sunday, May 30, 2010


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