Secretly In Love

With you in my life, i got many reasons to smile.
Many reasons to say i am loving my life,
Many reasons to tell the world that here i am holding my happiness in my arms…
happiness that lies with you.. my new found reasons!

i might not be the perfect person..
i might not know the future..
but for the time being…
spending my life with you is making feel more alive…

dim lit room and hugging the knees.
butterflies that run amok in my tummy,
make me realize i have fallen deep for you..
but let me float to that river of love..
let me float to the shore thats you!

you know i am not a good writer..
i m just moving my fingers..
eyes stuck on the screen and see the words coming to life…
each time look at you makes me want to open my heart
and move my fingers faster on the buttons..
to let you know..
the feelings that are growing..
faster than i am taking breaths each second each minute..
the happiness that is growing faster than the beats of my heart each time that i m knowing you…. thankyou for being with me…
thankyou …..
for everything…
that you have shared with me..
for the times you have spent with me.
for the moments you have given to me..
thankyou for every single second of my life that you have looked and smiled at me….


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